Book 2: Essential Knowledge for Teachers


Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

Essential Knowledge for Teachers: Scope and

Discover the 9 Benefits and Features that have helped others to succeed

  • “Wisdom for Your Community” helps teachers engage students, involve parents, collaborate with colleagues, and present both their schools and themselves as capable and professional. Items like “Be a Cheerleader” address student needs while “Parent Power” and “Teach the Parents” build dynamic parent-teacher relationships. “Positive Professionalism” and “Collaborate” are examples of entries that create, stabilize and expand a teacher’s connections to school staff.
  • “Wisdom for Your Classroom” is rich with entries like “Students Lead the Way” and “Parent Every Child” that enhance the student-teacher relationship. Administrative details are addressed through items like “Book ‘Em” and “Plan for the End.” Classroom learning is enhanced with entries like “Teach Globally,” Group for Great Results,” and “Fail Fast, Fail Often.”
  • “Wisdom for Yourself” focuses on the teacher and the teaching career. “Plan for Your Best” and “Remember Who’s in Charge” maintain the highest quality performance. “Teach for a Higher Purpose” and “Your True Calling” honors and enhances the passion teachers bring to their classrooms. “Evaluate Yourself,” “Reflective Teaching,” and “30/30” spur readers to higher levels throughout their careers.
  • Decades of academic wisdom and experience have been distilled into a compressed yet informative format
  • Energizes, engages and excites educators from first year to retirement
  • Inspires heart-centric (passion-driven) attitudes
  • Lifts teachers to the level of excellence their students and schools need and require
  • Strengthen relationships with students, parents, peers, staff, and the broader community
  • Maximizes teacher excellence, student academic performance, test scores, parental engagement, community involvement, and school rankings.
  • Segmented categories and short entries make the wisdom immediately accessible.
  • Can be utilized quickly and repeatedly
  • Incorporates step-by-step guidance.

“Essential Knowledge for Teachers is a go-to guide for new and veteran educators alike. Through her insightful voice, Culp captures the essence of how, why, and what we do as educators. This book is an inspiration, appreciation, and celebration of educators!

Kelli Rowsey, Teacher – Chestnut Log MiddleSchool


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