Book 5: Key Knowledge for Success


Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

Key Knowledge for Success: Scope and

Discover the 7 Benefits and Features that have helped others to succeed

  • “Superintendents in the District” provides guidance on strengthening all the various elements and groups within a district. It also shows how to pull those disparate elements together into a functioning whole. Entries like “Leap Across the Gap” and “Equality Equals Excellence” offer recommendations for real changes that can close the education gap. “Tech Talk” and “Building a Blog” will expand digital capacities, while “Call on the Children” and “The Wheel of We” ensures that everyone in the district is able to pitch in.
  •  “Superintendents as Professionals” compiles ideas and easy-to-implement tools that help the district’s chief executive officer lead with courage and strength. Entries like “Powerfully Wield Power” and “Manage Mandates” enhance leadership. Advice that can let superintendents reach higher in their careers is covered in discussions like “Ask an Attorney” and “Interrogate the Interview.” Managerial and operational elements are discussed in segments like “Early Wins” and “Strategic Direction.”
  •  In the third section, “Superintendents as Leaders,” the ever-important political and diplomatic elements of the job are discussed. “The Door is Now Open” encourages feedback while protecting the superintendent’s valuable time. “Ace Accountability” and “Continuity Counts” pilots leaders through their daily activities, while items like “The Ethical Shepherd” spread their influence in positive and proactive ways.  
  • Enhances career performance by providing tips based on professional experience
  • Develops the calm, confident demeanor that inspires loyalty and respect
  • Encourages consistent effort in the face of today’s challenges.
  • Inspires and rekindles the passion that draws individuals into education
  • Provides tips and tools that are efficient, affordable, and easy to implement
  • Supports real progress in reaching a district’s goals
  • Demonstrates best practices by drawing on districts nationwide
 Key Knowledge for Success Rationale
  • School superintendents occupy a special place in every community because of their selfless drive to provide the best education possible for their district’s children. It takes courage, fortitude, and confidence to address the challenges today’s educational leaders face.
  •  Every step along a superintendent’s path must be made with integrity and commitment. Those who take up this career must serve their districts and their communities with the best interest of all children at the top of their agendas. To achieve those goals, superintendents juggle administrative tasks, balance budgets, liaise with influencers, and keep the schools moving forward to true academic excellence.

“As I work to train school leaders to become superintendents, quality knowledge is required. Key Knowledge for Success gives valued information to help the new superintendent make the right decisions. It provides a road map to new and experienced school leaders who are trying to prevent making disabling mistakes. The superintendent needs to know how to lead in the development of a strategic plan for school improvement. This plan will provide the direction for staff, students, and the community. Dr. Culp’s work provides the support needed for a successful tenure for the superintendent and the school district.

Percy A. Mack, Former Superintendent



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