Book 4: Choice Knowledge for Students


Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

 Choice Knowledge for Students: Scope and

Discover the 7 Benefits and Features that have helped others to succeed

  • “Knowledge for Your Power” provides guidance on building and nurturing the student’s inner strength. Many entries discuss home life, school activities and social events, so they address every aspect of a young reader’s life. Entries like “Just Ask” and “Rescue Yourself” encourage maturity by showing readers how they can get the help they need. Ones like “Speak Up” enhance confidence, and those similar to “Keep It Real” and “Stand on Your Own” nurture socioemotional aspects like honesty and persistence.
  •  “Knowledge for Your Balance” compiles ideas and directives that help readers build a stable foundation for their school, work, family, friends, and all the other activities kids juggle these days. “Your Best Friend” and similar entries encourage positivity and fortitude. “Let Go” and “Pledge Allegiance” build character by focusing readers on the truly important things in life. Entries like “Talk It Out” and “Share” strengthen relationships with family members, friends, and other adults.
  •  In the third section, “Knowledge for Your Life,” students discover inspiring and fun ways to supercharge their journey day by day, year after year. Items like “Give Your Best” and “Become an Artist” encourage young readers to achieve at their highest level. “Move Your Body” and “Safety First” remind kids that their physical health is as important as their emotional wellbeing and their intellect. “Plan for College,” “Test the Trend,” and “Tuck Something Away” encourages a thoughtful approach to today’s activities by pointing out the fullness of what their future can become.
  • Enhances scholastic performance by encouraging lifelong learning inside and outside of school
  • Develops academic leaders who will race to the head of the class.
  • The positive tone encourages them to follow through with type of effort
  • Provides the knowledge students need to mature into capable citizens
  • Offers tips that are fun and can be used immediately
  • Encourages and inspires with a supportive approach that treats readers with respect
  • Utilizes a voice that connects immediately with the target audience


 Choice Knowledge for Students Rationale


  • Being a student today is not easy. Schoolwork can be hard and in some instances, teachers might not teach in way that makes learning easy or fun. For most kids, the people and events they deal with outside of school can impact their academic performance.
  •  No matter where an individual student stands in terms of grades or abilities, each one is America’s greatest asset. A lot of their future and the nation’s future depends on the education they receive today. But education isn’t restricted to academic subjects. Their hearts and souls are also growing and need tending as much as their minds.

“Choice Knowledge for Students is a must-read because we are all students and life-long learners. Building one’s inner strength is a powerful tool because one will always have oneself around when other sources of strength are not there. This is a brilliant piece of work that can foster better relationships with self and others. Barbara D. Culp uses simple, creative, and compelling language that compels the reader to finish the book fast and seek more of the author’s work. This book can be read to or by contemporary students and everyone who understands that life is a learning stage where we all play the role of students. The author has ‘been there, done that’ and actualizes every aspect of the book.

Carol Ugonna, Teacher – Georgia



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