Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

Vintage Knowledge for Principals: Scope and

Discover the 11 Benefits and Features that have helped others to succeed.

  •  A threefold approach addresses the key elements in a principal’s world. Individual entries address classroom, building, and system-level issues associated with facilities, special events, and funding. Topics tuned to the people include teachers, administrative and maintenance staff, students and parents. The most important prong deals with the principal, primarily in the areas of leadership, self-awareness and relationship-building. 
  •  Vintage Knowledge for Principals is divided into three sections. “Wisdom for Your School” focuses on the school as an organization as well as the physical property. Items like “Appearances Count!” address facilities, “Wish Lists” introduce unique activities, and “Bypass Monetary Woes” tackle funding.
  •  “Wisdom for Your People” relates to teachers, student discipline, parental engagement, and staff management with entries like “Inspect What You Expect,” “Inspire to Aspire,” “Beware Beliefs,” and “Strengthen Weak Links.”
  •  “Wisdom for You” focuses on the principal. Leadership is a primary area covered by entries like “Lead by Example” and “Trust Your Intuition.” Self-awareness is enhanced in “Trust Your Intuition” and “Engage in the Right Fight,” while relationship-building is addressed under “Energetic Enthusiasm,” “Decide and Abide,” and “Take It Personally.”
  • Decades of academic wisdom have been blended with corporate leadership strategies.
  • Engages, enables, and empowers principals at every experiential level.
  • Builds new leadership skills.
  • Inspires heart-centric (passion-driven) attitudes.
  • Lifts principals to the level of excellence their communities need and require.
  • Strengthen relationships with teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community.
  • Maximizes academic performance, teacher excellence, parental engagement and community involvement.
  • Supports skill-building and skill strengthening.
  • Segments and short entries offer an accessible format.
  • Can be utilized quickly and repeatedly.
  • Incorporates step-by-step guidance.

“Dr. Culp has finally put in print the valuable and useful facts, ideas, and skills that she imparted on to me when she served as my mentor. The powerful information that she disclosed helped me to become a successful principal in a large urban inner school system. I am so pleased that this wealth of useful knowledge is now being shared with all principals, whether they are new, seasoned or just aspiring to become a principal.

Tiny F. Davis, principal, Atlanta Public Schools
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