Book 3: Trusted Knowledge for Parents


Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

Trusted Knowledge for Parents: Scope and

Discover the 7 Benefits and Features that have helped others to succeed

  • Trusted Knowledge for Parents is divided into three sections, each of which covers a broad topic. Each entry presents a particular bit of knowledge as a short descriptive phrase. The phrase is defined in the first paragraph. The benefits associated with the phrase are laid out in a second paragraph. At least one example of the knowledge in action is provided by quoting studies, relaying real-world anecdotes, offering Barbara’s opinions, and other methods. Sources are varied to achieve broad appeal and to maintain reader engagement. In the final paragraph, specific recommendations show how each piece of knowledge can be implemented easily and immediately.
  • “Knowledge for Your Child” provides direct and specific ideas about raising children. Many include discussions of home life and school life, so they are appropriate for any age group. Entries like “Creative Curfews” address practical matters like household rules, ones like “Review the Reports” enhance academic performance, and those similar to “Grant Privacy” nurture the child’s socioemotional development. 
  • “Knowledge for Yourself” compiles ideas and directives that apply to readers as a parent and as a human being. After all, their needs don’t disappear just because a child enters their life. The attitudes and steps that make parents more effective are addressed through items like “Model Your Best” and “Ban Threats.” A parent’s resources and their reach beyond the home are expanded through entries such as “Join the PTA” and “Ride Herd.” Others inspire parental fortitude with titles like “Practice Patience” and “Love is Equal.” 
  • “Knowledge for Your Outlook” supports the concepts and attitudes that keep parents emotionally happy, psychologically healthy, and sane! “Listen with Your Heart” and “Nourish Spirituality” engage emotional depths. “Share Decisions” and “Behave Like a Parent” bolster and stabilize parent-child relationships. “Respect is Earned” and “Never Give Up” spur readers to achieve the best every day they are a parent.
  • Provides valuable guidance gleaned from real-world experiences…including the critical lessons learned from plenty of failures
  • Inspires a nurturing and loving approach
  • Strengthen family structures and parent-child relationships
  • Supports honest and democratic parental guidance
  • Bolsters the deeply emotional and even spiritual elements of childrearing
  • Can be utilized quickly and repeatedly 
  • Incorporates step-by-step guidance
Trusted Knowledge for Parents Rationale
  • Many times while sloughing through the hard work of parenting, Barbara thought that her husband and she should never have been allowed to raise one child, let alone two. Failures haunted their every step. Hindsight and decades of experience in K-12 education allows her to see the many things that they could have done better.
  • Parents need to know what to do when a crisis arises. They need to give their kids a strong sense of values that will carry them through life. And they need to know when to stop trying so hard that they get in their own way! Trusted Knowledge for Parents directs the process of rearing children so they can be good citizens at every age…and it does so without judgement about readers’ skills or abilities.

“As an educator with 40+ years of experience as a classroom teaacher and principal, I have read many books on parenting. Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s book stands alone. It is a practical, enlightening book that will be a source of inspiration for parents who are impacted by the many challenges of our global society. I highly recommend it, not only for parents but also anyone who works closely with children. Thank you, Dr. Culp!

Brenda J. Lewis – Educator / Consultant



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