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Barbara D. Culp: Prolific Award-Winning Author, Educator, and Speaker


Barbara D. Culp, Author

Dr. Barbara D. Culp’s academic experience spans 43 years. Hard work and measureable successes marked the 15 years she spent teaching at the elementary and middle school levels.

The Words of Wisdom Series

Written for educators and learners in all walks of the educational journey, Words of Wisdom provides a collection of guiding principles, practical advice, and encouraging words for both beginners and veterans in the world of education.  

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Tiny F. Davis, principal, Atlanta Public Schools

“Dr. Culp has finally put in print the valuable and useful facts, ideas, and skills that she imparted on to me when she served as my mentor. The powerful information that she disclosed helped me to become a successful principal in a large urban inner school system. I am so pleased that this wealth of useful knowledge is now being shared with all principals, whether they are new, seasoned or just aspiring to become a principal.”